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How our relationship with Guatemala came to be!

September 2018, I had a self reflection moment… the life I was living was NOT what I had envisioned for myself, my family, and others. After two years being in an atmosphere that gave me confidence to step outside my own self… I learned to not limit myself based on what others believed to be standard ways of life. This roller coaster I was on was about to come to a whipping stop, and I knew in my gut… I was made for something more.

Pinterest: Yep Im crediting the scrolling rabbits hole to the puzzle piece of my vision, and actuality of it being reality. I had thoughts… things I wanted to create, achieve, and do! I’ll never forget the look on my husbands face, as he so sincerely bobbed his head up and down as if he was waiting for some inspirational words to just appear in his mind. I know what he was thinking… “how do I support my wife by not immediately telling her NO and how in the world do I make her see that this is somewhat insane… I mean I know she is sick right now but delusional, isn’t what I thought the cold had brought on.. or did it?” okay okay NO I can’t read my husband mind but In my world that’s what he was thinking. I’m sure he was really thinking “OOOOHHHHH NOOOOOOOO!” Yep that’s me a dreamer… and a doer!

Shooting Photography for the last 6 years, we had just taken our business full time. I had overcome the biggest hurdle of my LIFE… and I survived. Finding out you have a brain tumor, and needing to have Brain Surgery to remove it… is a whole other level of self reflection and rear view mirror on life visual flashes. So when I have an idea or a thought.. I pretty much go is this worth it… and if the answer is a gut wrenching YES.. then I fight.. I fight to achieve it. I wanted to create a camera bag.. one where I had some stylish sense going on, and I wanted it to have a story! Insert Hiptipico… this company is my guardian angel… no more like my fairy God mother… okay okay.. maybe more like my own girl version of Genie and I rubbed a lamp for my third and final wish. I saw that the bridge was there, they were there…and I couldn’t wait to walk across it.

February 2019- Our Trip to Guatemala

Words can’t even sum up the experience I had. I’m so thankful for the whole Hiptipco team for showing me, guiding me, and teaching me about ethical sourcing, fair trade, and artisan relationships. Something bigger than them, bigger than me, and they are carving out a space in this world to make a difference. The idea of this artisan textile bag is NOT my own.. it is that of the artisans, I’m just another human on the map, that wants to share their craft, their talents, their history, their story with the world. I want you to have a story with the second life they give these textiles, and I want you to know that you are apart of the movement. You are apart of something bigger than yourself, and when you carry that bag, or wear that strap.. you know consciously your wearing history… your living history, your creating history.

Their Life – Their Story –