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The Paseo Venue – A Styled Wedding Shoot


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WILDFLOWER DESING CO. – The Event Co. – The Paseo Venue

Styled sessions can be an amazing way to not only showcase a venue you haven’t photographed at and build relationships but also being able to try something different and help out other vendors.. For this particular styled shoot… we were doing a branding session for the amazing Elise over at Wildflower Design. Funky fun florals are her jam and this session was one for the memory books! In this blog my goal is to teach you three key elements about styled sessions to support you and your business! 

1. Styled Session Purpose

2. How to go about even setting one up

3. How to maximize the results from the session

1. Styled Session Purpose

What is the purpose of the session? What is your end game goal? What are you wanting to get out of this opportunity

Styled sessions can be appealing for so many reasons. Something we have seen throughout our photography years is the purpose of these sessions not truly being known or game planned in a way to provide value for everyone involved. This can lead to habitual sign ups to shoot or be apart of a styled session only to find yourself not actually spending time with real paying couples. It’s OKAY to do these, so many good things come out of them, just know why you are doing it the next time you sign up for one!!!!   If you are planning to organize and host or be involved in one of these then the purpose of the session has to be the first thing you plan! I’m a visual person, so I only know how to teach the way I receive education and that’s by actually doing or explaining. 

– Our Purpose –

#1 To provide branding images for Wildflower Design Co. 

#2 To work with a Venue we haven’t shot at yet… (we’re new to Arizona) this was our opportunity to get in now before our contracted wedding next year at this venue. It’s our style, and we love the concept of being close to the mountains. 

#3 To provide value to everyone involved, to nurture a relationship with the venue, and to offer education to anyone wanting to venture into branding photography or the set up of their own styled session. 

2. How to go about setting up a styled session 

Where do you want to host your session, who do you want to be involved with the session, what information are you going to provide with the session?

Now that you established your purpose of why you are wanting to shoot a branding session or styled session you will need to establish where you want to host this event. The best way to go about it is to determine your theme first. If you’re wanting content for you social media or website, what’s the look and feel you want to portray. Write a list… see which venues are able and willing to partner with you. Once that is locked in and you have potential dates, reach out to all the vendors you want involved. Create a MOOD BOARD– this is vital, this pulls the whole vision together and allows others to see what your vision is for the session. Once you have this you are ready to reach out and put together your vendor team.

If you are new to a particular area or traveling out for a styled session… then reach out in local facebook groups, search on Instagram, or look on the web for any vendors/creative artists that you would want to work with. What’s the worst they will say NO… okay then move on to your next choice. As you add people to your team, determine if you are doing trade work where everyone covers there own costs for the shoot in exchange for photos or if you need to provide fees to the vendors to cover their costs. If there are costs involved, then you likely will want to open it up to multiple photographers and videographers and charge a small fee to cover the styled shoot expenses.

Some venues will have requirements on posting rules, or how they want you to roll out the content. If this is the case, make sure you have all that information up front. You will need to provide this to everyone on the creative team working on the styled session, that way you’re all on the same page. A simple group chat on instagram is easy to keep everything coordinated, this way everyone has each others handles to help support cross promotion. 

– Our Process –

#1 When brainstorming venues that reflected our clients brand identity we new the Paseo was a perfect fit for her. We knew there styled session booking policy from a previous session request, so I simply reached out to them again and asked what their free dates were to book a session there. They do charge a fee to shoot at their venue… so make sure you ask !

#2 Establishing vendor relationships is vital to us, now that we are in Arizona for a long while! So we reached out to our amazing friends over at The Event Co. and remembered they were dying to get into this venue. So we were soooo excited when they said YES to providing some chairs, table, and cool light up wall. Seriously these people are amazing and will provide a styling experience for any wedding or event that needs rentals! Next we knew we needed a gown, and tux attire as well as some models. Again it’s connections, we have worked with this bride and groom in the past and just love their look. Our client chose them and I  reached out! We also Brought on our lead stylist team Ashley over at Array of Style to support us in Gown rental and tux. Finally, I knew we needed double hands on deck, so I  had on of our team photographers shoot with me .. she’s amazing and has a keen attention to detail which we focused on heavily during the session.  

#3 WE created a mood board per the design team to all be on the same visual page. Everyone had an itinerary of events and knew where they needed to be when. This was a smaller session, when there are multiple models I’ll stagger the times so they all don’t show up at once for hair and makeup.  

3. How to maximize your results 

 Your session is over.. you have 1000s of amazing images, now what? 

 Here is the tricky part… no matter what session you are doing styled or branding for a particular company… have your purpose outline your end result. Are you going to blog this session YES … YES you are!!! Are you going to roll it out on social media … YES… YES you are! Are you going to make sure you get all the images edited and back to every single vendor in a timely manner to use at their own promotion… YES…. YES YES YES! This is crucial … word of mouth and scale your business to heights you didn’t even know were possible. Make sure you plan to get these images over to them in a timely manner and thank them for their time. I  know reading this your probably going “well DUH Dana this is totally the process” But hold the phone… life happens and for some it’s not a paying session so why push the other edit to the side to get this done? WRONG this is a session, you committed and brought it on … now is the time to over deliver & wow your vendors.

 Blogging is vital for your business. If your not familiar with SEO or need help with how to actually research key words, I highly recommend you head over to our FREE facebook group The Booking Lab, where we teach you this exact thing and many more outside the box lead generation booking strategies. Blog the session, involve the venue, and all the creative artists involved, and show the hard work to the world. 

 Use the session as a way to drip content on your social media that you want to use to attract your ideal market.

 – Our Process –

#1 You’re reading the blog… this was my intent even with it being a hired session, I wanted to use the opportunity to educate others on how to really have a successful styled session come to life. 

#2 We are in the process of designing the website for Wildflower by Design Co. so having control over the foundational images for the site was vital for us. We did two sessions, a styled session, and a studio branding session.

 #3 It’s totally our style… we love working with Elise over at Wildflower Design Co. with her funky take on wildflowers, her attention to detail is phenomenal, her florals really tie in details to anyone that uses her services at their wedding.  

Flip the script… this isn’t about you and your craft it’s about how you can help others with your talents and provide value to others.  Just make sure you make it worth your time, stick to a game-plan, know your purpose, and maximize your efforts! When you do .. watch magic happen, and your community grow!!!