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STOP THE BLEEDING…. Get the end result you want- 4 Steps to stop losing clients with your follow up!


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GUESS WHAT! We have created something for you.. Download our Guide for an in-depth look and even some sample emails that support this Strategy

>> The Follow Up Strategy Guide <<


Wedding Industry Creative Artists… Can I get a standing ovation for anyone who has booked a wedding??? WHEW, it’s like running a freaking marathon with the finish line in site… But sometimes it just never looks any closer. Do you feel like your follow up strategy is all over the place? Phone call here, maybe an email there… Text me baby??? GIRL, I feel ya!!! And what if I told you we FOUND the secret to stop the BLEEDING! Hang in there, you’re going to be okay… And guess what, you may even BOOK some weddings because of this Follow Up Strategy.

NOPE, this isn’t another “technique” that was just thrown out there to gain momentum in building a following… I’m not kidding… We’re cutting the fluff and diving in with the “SECRET SAUCE” to booking more, and creating less stress for you. I’m going to give you our “NO KIDDING” follow up strategy that has helped us book more than 18 weddings off of one Bridal Show (We average $3600 per wedding too!) There is a pot of gold at the end of that Rainbow… And you, my friend, are about to get it!

It wouldn’t be right for me to move forward without giving you some validation to WHY this system works, and why we use it…

We are a husband and wife team that are passionate about telling LOVE STORIES. I bet you have read that one before… Maybe it’s even a line on your website. Hey thats OKAY, we all have a passion for story telling or we wouldn’t be in the world of weddings …. RIGHT? We are now full time with our business, and let me tell you it has come with hurdle after hurdle, strategy change after change. Coaching investment, mentor support, you name it we have invested ourselves into it! It’s been SO worth it… It has gotten us to where we are today… Making a living doing what we love! And now we are giving that knowledge back and we’re going to help you do it too!!!

These strategies work for any wedding industry creative artist. You make cakes, play with flowers, or maybe you style brides and keep them on a timely schedule. ALL of you can benefit from these systems. So lets get to it…

“How do you eat an elephant?”

There is no kidding here with what I’m going to share with you…

Part 1-The Strategy ( Our very own system to how we book a couple, beginning to end)

 2-The #1 TOOL Using Video (UMMM Say what?)

Step 3-The Answered Strategy (They answered me, now what???)

Step 4-The Ghost Strategy (UMMM Bueller?  Bueller?)

Step 1 ~ The Strategy:

It took us years, and many mistakes to find a system that worked for us. We saw great success in what was working for others, but their always seemed to be something missing. Im going to share with you a little secret, one that before we move on you really need to hear. Regardless of your strategy, and what systems you will adopt for your business, you have to have your OWN VOICE… you cannot pretend to be someone you aren’t. You have to be open to sharing your true self, your goofy self, conservative self, and even your die hard secret love for tacos… so that you can do one simple thing… CONNECT! Your audience is dying for connection, a sense of something that makes them say YES… tell me more. So without this, you will just sound like every other person out there. Not sure who you are in your business. Don’t worry we are going to help you… we have a Facebook community helping you with that and so much more. Stay tuned to the end to find out how to join.  Okay back to the Strategy… Here is our no kidding:

Follow Up Strategy: Submission Just came through-

Day 1-The Text

Day 1-The Call

Day 2-The Call (follow up if they didn’t answer from the first Call)

Day 2-The Email #1

Day  4-The Email #2

Day 8-The Email #3

Book or Bust

GUESS WHAT! Joe and I created something else for you and it’s completely 100% FREE No Strings Attached!

Download our Guide for an in-depth look of our Follow Up Strategy!

We’re even going to give you some sample emails that support this Strategy

>>The Follow Up Strategy Guide <<


Step 2 ~ The Tool:

We have found a holy grail… a tool that will have your leads remembering YOU! And I want to scream at the top of my lungs, this magical mystery tool for all to use and see the affects it can have for your business. VIDEO… It’s as simple as this. The submission comes in… You are competing with everyone at this point. You don’t know who they have talked to, or are going to talk to. You don’t even know how they really found you, unless they tell you on your submission form. So here’s one way you can stand out from the rest of them. The one tool that will have them grinning from ear to ear, thankful for the personalized touch… VIDEO!!!!! It’s going to feel so weird at first, but trust me it works. Record yourself, greeting the newly engaged couple, and thank them for contacting you! Let them know you are going to CALL THEM! Yes that’s right, tell them what you’re going to do and then… You guessed it…. CALL THEM at the time you told them you would. Consistency is KEY!!!

I say something like this… “Hi Jack and Sally, Dana here from Buchanan Photography. Wow, thank you so much for reaching out to gather some more information for your wedding day. I would be honored to hop on the phone with you, answer any questions you may have, and chat about your upcoming wedding. How does tonight at such and such time work? Or I can give you a call tomorrow morning around (this time). Looking forward to chatting with you, have a great rest of your day.” 

WATCH a L I V E Video Demo Here!

Click Here 👉🏼 VIDEO 👈🏼

Then…. I call them, at the first time I gave them. One really, really totally cool thing that most of the time will happen… They will reply back!!! And (A) Love your video, thank you for your time, and then they will say a better time to call them. (B) You won’t hear back from them, and that’s okay, just call them at that first time you promised. 

We do video follow up with a lot of our business strategy. Intrigued to learn more on how you can implement this with your business? Join our Facebook Community! We would love to see what you can create with this TOOL!!!

“Once I got your video it was game over, we knew you  had to be our wedding photographers!”     Shane & Rebecca 

Step 3 ~ The Answered Strategy:

OMG they answered!!! They picked up the phone when you called, and now they are dying to meet you in person! Get them out of the house and in front of you ASAP! We like to pre-schedule out our calendar, so we know which weekends and weeknights are best to meet couples out for coffee, drinks, or simply get them on a ZOOM call. It’s important for us to build that relationship early on. Your personality sells and they will remember YOU, over the person that is just emailing them. Also, you need to determine if this wedding is right for you too, just as much as if you are right for the couple. We NEVER try and discuss our “prices” over the computer or text. Trust me I have some stories of why this just isn’t a good idea. Studies show, you should wait until the 20 minute and 45 minute marks before you even introduce price. WOW! 20 minutes and 45 minutes of talking is a lot easier than you think. This is where our “Guide” comes into our sales strategy, and how we connect with our future couple. Stay tuned, we will teach you how to create this also in our group! Come join us if you haven’t already (!

Step 4 ~ The Ghost Strategy:

WOM WOM WOM… They Ghosted you! UGH!!! I hate this.. And what’s worse is, I’m always questioning why?!? But you need to know that there is a secret number to booking leads… The more leads, the easier this is. But they say, if you are booking 10% of all incoming leads and 1% of all website leads, then you are doing GREAT! So you’re saying for every 30 leads that come in, I only need to shoot for 3??? WHAT??? Yes, that’s insane… We have a goal for way more than that. But that’s where your voice comes into play… YOUR VIBE WILL ATTRACT YOUR TRIBE… If your attracting your ideal bride and groom then your vetting process just becomes that much easier. So we follow our main strategy! We combine this with a mix of video messages, email, and phone calls. We will then move to a monthly follow up, and guess what? Most of the time, they answer back and express their gratitude for following up with them! We were top of mind for them, and they just needed a little nudge. DON’T FEEL LIKE YOU ARE BOTHERING their inbox! Look at your inbox… What number are you at? I’m sitting at 50,271 combined between 3 different inboxes currently, and 50,000 of those, I guarantee you, are Old navy and Banana Republic… LMAO!!! Life is happening for these people. Just be patient, and if they are meant to work with you, you’re meant to be there for them. It will happen… They just need a little nudge in that direction. This is where having a great email sequence comes into play… YOU DON’T NEED TO MAKE ONE NOW IF YOU DON’T HAVE IT… We will help you. Baby steps is the best steps, in solidifying systems, and creating consistency in the follow up.

“Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at will change.”

Just do it if you haven’t already … download this guide and watch it help you change the way you follow up.


>> The Follow Up Strategy Guide <<

We’re taking this one step further… All month long, we will be teaching you these strategies… Answering any questions you have… Joining along side you in booking more leads… And it’s completely 100% FREE!!! No joke, we are here to support you and we want to start with helping you make more money in the process. Head over to our new community and lets dive into all things STOP THE BLEEDING and help you convert those leads into solid bookings. Need help with leads also??? Join us as we go over our Facebook Ad Strategy… And how we get those inquires in our inboxes starting in April.

I want to be in this community and eat tacos and drink Sangrias! Oh yeah… And #learn about all things booking, for my business!

👇🏼J O I N   N O W👇🏼

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