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The Choice – Full Time RV Family


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The Choice 

Well that just happened, 2020 came in like a freaking CAT 5 hurricane and left destruction in its path. Were you caught in the eye of the storm? Did you have to adjust and re-shape the view of your life, like many others? If so, friend you are NOT alone! Like can I shout it out from the freaking red rock peaks that 2020 was a SHIT SHOW? Yes I  think I  can because this is my space to share my story! So here it is… why the F did we sell all our stuff and decide to renovate a 300 sqft trailer to move our family of 6 people and 2 fur dogs in it? NO Covid didn’t make us go crazy all though spoiler alert we did catch it…! We had an awakening … one I’m excited to share. 

I  remember like it was yesterday (oh freaking crap the baby is AWAKE.. okay she’s just talking but she legit must of heard my fingers tapping away at this key board because she instantly started her baby babble … ahhh the joys of a small space!) We were laying on the bed…. Fresh parents to a bouncy baby girl.. whom we just brought home from Florida. Okay no we didn’t go pick up a baby in Florida, well wait I  guess we kind of did… this is another story lol…! I  was scrolling the gram yet again for the 100th time that day.. and I  kept seeing it… Full time RV families. Was it a sign or was I in the midst of postpartum, lack of sleep… escaping reality day dreaming. 

“Babe let’s sell all our stuff and live minimally…. (PAUSE)” Joe my amazing hubby looked up over his phone and goes “Sure it would be nice to declutter” bahahaahah NOPE not what I  meant… “Like let’s move into an RV and travel the world! Well not world but the US” 


Weeks went by, the pandemic hit… we were cooped up at home with sick kids, sick adults and what we thought was just a cold was probably COVID but at the time who knew. I  kept dropping hints… “Wouldn’t it be great if we….” Crickets… all I  would get is freaking crickets. So I  stopped asking. 


“Babe so I  was running some numbers (the glorious 5 in my husband! It’s an enneagram thing) and I  think we can do it.” – Joe

WAIT WHAT!!!!! You actually were thinking about it? – Dana

“Processing babe it’s called processing” – Joe 

“Ah what the flying whatever you actually want to do this?” -Dana

Annnnndddd my friends and readers… that’s how it came to be… ! Just like many of our insane ideas it all starts with one of us dropping some bread crumbs.. in this case it was me dropping the whole loaf of gluten green bread for my husband to so delicately process his way through! 

Then life happened, schools shut down… our wedding season literally cancelled itself and we were faced with How the hell are we going to bring in income? Let alone buy our dream RV and start renovating it. During this time I  was slowly building my health coaching business ( again a post entirely in of itself) and I  knew I  had to make some huge changes and get out of my own way to help my family out. So I  made the decision, and the commitment to serve and help change as many lives as I  could and you know what.. the program that saved me and my health, saved my family, and my checking account too.

It also lit a fire in me, to show every human being that there is a way to take back what is yours and choose life long transformation. So we made it happen…. Like everything in life.. you move toward what you focus on. If you focus on the next fix of sweets or fast food you will make it happen and go get it, to which you then feel like CRAP after. If you focus on positivity and transformation you will move toward that goal… its a goal you just need to set it! So we set our goal and many I  mean MANY thought we were bat shit crazy… but there were a few who linked arms with us and said YES freaking DO THIS! You have too… you have to show the world that there is another way to live… to love life… to allow the possibility of vicariously living through your journey. 

SO we bought a trailer… ! 

A really beautiful brown trailer in fact… with great bones, amazing floors, and a shitter that had barley been used. We found a truck AFTER we bought the trailer LOL… and the rest is history. JK JK .. we needed to renovate the space to make it functional for our family of 12 feet and 8 paws…. 

PAUSE baby is awake officially now she’s crying… again joys of a small space. 

Okay where I  was I … #mombrain oh yea the renovation… 

So we knew this brown palace needed some brightness thrown at it.. so we decided, well really we literally lost years of our lives by doing this… we painted the whole RV … every wall cabinet, and door… wait for it…. BY FREAKING HAND! Like Jesus Mary and Joseph why didn’t we get the paint spray gun… because we are NUTS! Literally 18 days of painting later and she was ready for some final touches… (which still aren’t done but we are getting there thank you COVID) and I’m  extremely proud of what we created so far.

It’s not just a beautiful space but it’s a HOME it’s our HOME! Enough of me rambling on through my fingers.. see for your self! 

So the most asked questions we have received lately:

Are you full time or adventure style and you park it?

WE are FULL timing it… we decided to make this a commitment and take our travels on the road. It stays parked with us wherever we stay.

Do you ride inside it?

UMMMM nope… it’s a bumper pull so my husband pulls it with one kiddo and the two doggies while I  follow behind with the other three kiddos. 

How long did it take you to find it?

OMMMG so freaking long… like we looked and looked until our fingers hurt from scrolling so much! 

Why didn’t you buy one already renovated?

Not sure… we really didn’t find anything renovated that was in our price range that was our style for our kiddos. 

Do you have a space for you away from the kids?

Yep we have our own love making palace while the kids are at the other end of the rv in a bunkhouse! (If you have any kids I  highly recommend a bunk house with a door!) 

Do you intend on going anywhere with your trailer or are you going to find a location and be stationary? 

Well currently we are traveling to Florida and we are going to be stopping in Albuquerque NM, Waco Texas, Baton Rouge LA, and then Destin Fl. So yep we are traveling in it. We will stay in FL for a while and then hit up a route back to AZ and end up in Idaho, Oregon, then Montana and then back to FL all in the year 2021. 

What do you do for work?

Well we both still do wedding photography. Hubby Joe does marketing (hello ads and other things like chat bots) and I’m a certified health and wellness coach! WE both love what we do and we can do it from anywhere. 

What do the kids do for school?

We homeschool them but it’s more like UNSchooling them. WE set goals and benchmarks for their grade level but also their individual learning levels and we are attacking them like slaying yearly goals for us big kids! 

WHY but why are you doing this?

Because we freaking can! More like WHY not…! If you don’t know our whole story well let me just say … after battling a brain tumor and kicking it’s ass surviving surgery and then going on a journey to self healing and health transformation … I  know that life is short. You get one life.. and we want to live it to the fullest .. why wait! Im so sick of waiting until the time is right… you have to make the time.. you have to choose what matters the most to you and go after it. For us it’s experiencing life and adventure… it’s pushing our family past limits it’s living separate of the norm .. and showcasing to others that this world is your oyster… just go out and find your pearl!