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We are not the artists, we are not the artisans, we have a vision, and a passion to bring ethical fashion to the world of Photography. This is their life, their story… DanaJo&Co is just telling part of it. Maya weavers date back thousands of years ago, use this very technique to create stunning works […]

What is Backstrap Loom Weaving?

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Meet our Hiptipico leather artisan. Being fluent in all things Spanglish… there isn’t much I can say to really carry my weight of a conversation. But what I lack in words… the handbags make up for in their beauty, and their underlying language that has both the artisans and I grinning ear to ear… in […]

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How our relationship with Guatemala came to be! September 2018, I had a self reflection moment… the life I was living was NOT what I had envisioned for myself, my family, and others. After two years being in an atmosphere that gave me confidence to step outside my own self… I learned to not limit […]

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The Story

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GUESS WHAT! We have created something for you.. Download our Guide for an in-depth look and even some sample emails that support this Strategy >> The Follow Up Strategy Guide <<   Wedding Industry Creative Artists… Can I get a standing ovation for anyone who has booked a wedding??? WHEW, it’s like running a freaking marathon with […]

STOP THE BLEEDING…. Get the end result you want- 4 Steps to stop losing clients with your follow up!