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WILDFLOWER DESING CO. – The Event Co. – The Paseo Venue Styled sessions can be an amazing way to not only showcase a venue you haven’t photographed at and build relationships but also being able to try something different and help out other vendors.. For this particular styled shoot… we were doing a branding session for the […]

The Paseo Venue – A Styled Wedding Shoot

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We are not the artists, we are not the artisans, we have a vision, and a passion to bring ethical fashion to the world of Photography. This is their life, their story… DanaJo&Co is just telling part of it. Maya weavers date back thousands of years ago, use this very technique to create stunning works […]

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What is Backstrap Loom Weaving?

We were so excited that our first adventure showcasing our new designer bags was at the beautifully landscaped and Mediterranean styled Royal Palms resort in Scottsdale AZ. We partnered with Ashley from Array of style to help complete the vision through her styling and clothing additions to our bags. Working with local boutiques pulling clothing […]

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Royal Palms + D A N A J O & C O

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Meet our Hiptipico leather artisan. Being fluent in all things Spanglish… there isn’t much I can say to really carry my weight of a conversation. But what I lack in words… the handbags make up for in their beauty, and their underlying language that has both the artisans and I grinning ear to ear… in […]


How our relationship with Guatemala came to be! September 2018, I had a self reflection moment… the life I was living was NOT what I had envisioned for myself, my family, and others. After two years being in an atmosphere that gave me confidence to step outside my own self… I learned to not limit […]

The Story

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GUESS WHAT! We have created something for you.. Download our Guide for an in-depth look and even some sample emails that support this Strategy >> The Follow Up Strategy Guide <<   Wedding Industry Creative Artists… Can I get a standing ovation for anyone who has booked a wedding??? WHEW, it’s like running a freaking marathon with […]

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STOP THE BLEEDING…. Get the end result you want- 4 Steps to stop losing clients with your follow up!