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Becoming an Optavia Health and Wellness Coach


Dana here! Mompreneur with 4 little ones looking to help you level up your business and life through one healthy habit at a time. Check back often for new posts packed with valuable tips and advice.

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How I became and Optavia Health and Wellness Coach…! So many ask WHY did I become a Coach? 

2017 SLAYING GOLITH – I think this calls for a deep conversation… we are friends right? Three years ago my life changed FOREVER! I was sitting in the freezing cold, hospital room getting prepped for surgery. I can still smell the alcohol … I can still remember the sound of the nurses walking past, their feet shuffling on the tile as they prepped and wheeled patients to the OR. “Okay Mrs. Buchanan, we are ready for you… we just need you to sign this last form, and we can wheel you back!” I stared down at the documents with lists of outcomes that could possibly happen. I was numb… physically I knew this was what was best but I’ll be honest and say, I was scared… BRAIN SURGERY was no joke! As I watched my name scribble with a hand that looked like mine but was unrecognizable, I looked up to my family with tears in their eyes and said “I’m ready”

When life takes a turn and shifts it away from everything you know and love, you are left in a flight or fight mode. Most turn to a victim mentality, blaming the world and people in it around them, for their short comings. Life is so unknown we can only control so much of the narrative. For me, the shifting point was finding out I needed brain surgery to remove a tumor that was growing at the center of my head. NOTHING… could have prepped me for that life chapter that was being written for me. But I knew I needed to fight, I knew flight wasn’t an option… I had a family who needed me… kids to raise, and a husband to grow gray with!


Recovery was the hardest thing I have ever gone through. It blew the actual surgery out of the park. There is so much in detail I could go into… we will have to create a story just on it… but what I want to address is this, my health was in jeopardy and was something I necessarily couldn’t control. So when it came down to it, and I was able to control the situation again, I said enough was enough and I went on a health journey.


But before I can tell you about that health journey, I need to tell you about this one! Being diagnosed with celiacs in my late 20’s, I knew life would never be the same. I was LOST, I had no idea what eating would even look like anymore, and I relied heavily on my nutritionist and google university. It wasn’t like it was today… it was dark, scary, confusing, and so much to learn. I remember my first shopping trip post diagnosis. I left the grocery store with a $15 loaf of brick bread that tasted worse than it sounds… staring at the bags that totaled $88 was enough to feed me for a day … I sat on my living room floor and I CRIED … BIG FAT UGLY tears! My roomie at the time was amazing… she looked at me and said “DANA you are so strong you GOT this!!!! Just think of the life you will be able to live now… free from pain and sickness” I clung onto that… through the next 2 years I went on a journey to heal my gut and restructure how I saw food and consumed it. Today you can find gluten free stuff just about anywhere. Fast food joints are even catering to the new fad… and I ain’t mad about it! The years leading up to my health scare and the sifting of my world, I grew to love the gut that I had and embraced it fully. That was until I had babies, and surgery, and ended up lost and confused all over again… I needed help and wanted so desperately to feel good again. Optavia solved all those problems for me. In a season of life when meal prepping just wasn’t happening, I needed convenience, I needed grab and go, and I needed a thoughtless program that provided me with amazing, nutrition, and energy.

Health Journey 2019

I jumped all in to the program. I was on whats called the 5 & 1 program for 3 months and transitioned on month 4. I lost a total of 35 lbs, and gained a whole heck a lot of information about nutrition and how to properly fuel my body. How to mentally shift the bad habits into good ones, and a desire to chase health even further to live optimally as the best version of myself possible. Optavia provided me the answers to all the confusing questions I had throughout the years. It provided me with a way to burn off the fat that I had carried around and gave me the energy to keep up with my kids. I knew that I wasn’t alone… I knew I had to offer this to others who too were struggling like me, it was a golden ticket and it worked!

Now a disclaimer because I want to protect the company, I love so much! You will lose weight if you do the program the way it’s intended. It’s scientifically formulated and there is no room for adjusting it to what you think is right. There are coaches for a reason…. connect with them and listen to what they have to say to help support you. Average clients are in weight loss for 6 weeks and will lose on average of 12 lbs.


I found so much freedom through the Optavia program that I couldn’t keep this all to myself. I knew so many who were struggling like I was and needed another way to fix it. I knew there was a community out there of mamas, and women just like me who didn’t know there was a way to walk through the pain and look on the outside like they felt on the inside. So I made the decision that I would change as many lives as I could and offer this lifeline of true transformation, helping to change habits one healthy habit at a time. So far this has turned into helping 80 people lose close to 1600 combined lbs and counting. Financially it looked like a salary that surpassed that of a teaching salary and close to half of what I was bringing in with photography all while working fewer hours.


Making the decision to help others shifted something for my family. The past 8 years we have owned a wedding photography company full time, husband and wife team. We had the privilege of telling couples love stories and delivering them memories of their special day, time frozen still, through imagery. We never thought our business could be touched. 2020 wrecked it all. Like most in the event industry, when the pandemic happened it crippled our businesses. With couples postponing their special day we were left staring at our once full calendar scratching our heads going, now what do we do?

What I was staring at was my plan B now becoming my plan A … don’t get me wrong I still love weddings! Call me a hopeless romantic, there is just something about them that I enjoy. But for the first time ever, I wasn’t worried about booking weddings. Coaching was bringing in money and keeping my checking account full during the quarantine, and I was obsessed with each client that said YES and was taking their health back … choosing their happiness over what society was telling them they should choose.


There are many different ways you can do this… you can go to school and get licensed, or get certified through an outside program. With Optavia they give you all the tools and foundation you need to guide clients towards optimal health and wellbeing. If you have a passion for helping others, loving on them, and a sense of guidance towards goals then you are perfect for this. If you want to create passive income that will literally blow your mind than you are perfect for this. Not only does Optavia have a nutrition program that is full proof… they have a coaching business that you can launch overnight and have success with as well. My goal as a coach is to guide other coaches to witness what they are truly capable of. Providing you financial freedom and breaking past obstacles that have held you back in the past.

I’m looking for YOU … the mama that wants something more … that knows there is potential to use their talents besides wiping up spilled milk. Women who want to be in community with each other … lifting each other up and dreaming big alongside each other. You don’t have to be the expert you just have to have faith in me that I have faith in you, and with a little bit of courage and commitment you will be stepping into the entrepreneur you’ve always wanted to be.


Are you a mom that desires a business where you can work remotely anywhere? Making more money while working less and spending the maximum about of your time with your family? Creating financial freedom to pay off debt and build a savings for your families future?

Are you a high level mom-prenuer who wants to cut through the bull and leave the NAY-sayers behind and create the life you were destined to live… if this is you, YOU ARE MY PEOPLE and I’m ready to meet you! 

Why trust me? Because I fight for what I believe in, I’m passionate about feeling amazing and helping others feel it too! I have overcome a lot in the health space., auto immune disease, Celiacs, babies, postpartum weight gain, brain tumor, and weight gain due to medication and bed rest. I had to fight to get my health back and I DID! Now I want to help you get yours back too!

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