WHY did I become a Coach? 

 A few years back I found myself staring in the mirror and not recognizing who was staring back at me.

Call it parenthood, call it the midnight wine and chocolate binges, call it the stress from the kids … but before I knew it, I was standing there a whole 35 lbs heavier than I wanted to be, with no energy to even keep up with the kids or be present as a mom, and forget working my biz… all I wanted to do was binge Netflix and chill because let’s face it I deserved it after a hard day momming!

Professional CMO (certified mom officer) here holla… !

Eventually I threw my hands up in defeat and said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I wanted to get up in the mornings happy for the day that lay ahead. I wanted to stare in the mirror NAKED and get turned on by myself, (TMI! Well come on I don’t have 4 kids for nothing). I wanted so desperately to have the energy to scale the day with my kids,  playing with them instead of repeating the phrase over and over “mommy is tired right now hunny maybe later”.

I wanted a business that was working for me and not against me … I wanted time and freedom… but most of all I wanted to feel amazing again. I wanted to FIND MYSELF… to become a better version than I had ever been before. 

So I started searching and for the first time ever, jumped all in facing FEAR head on and decided now is my time! Now I take my life back, and spoiler alert… I DID JUST THAT! 

 What I discovered was a goof proof program that allowed me to scale my weight goals, double my energy, intimacy like never before with my husband, more intentional time with the kids, and a drive to work my business and grow it to make me more money while working less! I FOUND ME and now I'm passionate about helping you FIND this all and more too.

"DANA I  WANT THIS!!!!" - Well what are you waiting for??? 


IF YOU ARE A STRUGGLING WITH ANY OF THESE BELOW... YOU AREN'T ALONE! These are just some of the things I  can help you overcome!

Weight loss | Auto Immune - Gluten free/Celiac | Gut Health | Sugar Addiction | Low Energy | Stress | Sleep | Body Dysmorphia | Mental Health with life goals | Identity | FOOD choices 

Work with me if you want to loose the weight for good, have more energy than your kids, and create financial freedom by building a home based business. 



"The distance between who I  am and who I  want to be is only separated by what I  do!

Thanks to Dana Buchanan for guiding me and to my husband for supporting my goals! This road is not done yet!!!! 30+ LBS gone and I am finding myself again.

Darcie Valenzuela

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"My motivation was to look on the outside like I felt on the inside"

In 5 months I  dropped the 50+ lbs that had been haunting me for years. I no longer want to hide behind my kids in photos. In a year where we were not in control I decided to take CONTROL of my own health and I'm so thankful to Dana for helping me! The best part was how easy the program was, I  was able to crush my goals while being present for my kids and I can't wait to see what's next.


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"The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow. For every challenge encountered, there is opportunity for growth" - unknon

April 2020 I decided enough was enough. I wasn't going to let myself drift any deeper into depression. I no longer was going to let my health pull me away from my husband and my kids. I've lost 40 lbs and gained a whole new sense of purpose. My relationship with my husband has only grown stronger and I am more present as a mom these days too! I LOVE THIS PROGRAM! 


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"You determine the direction you travel in life"

April 2020 I started getting sick, NOT COVID but something like the worst bronchitis ever! Mid April I as coughing so hard I cracked a rib. Then whatever I had turned into pleurisy. I started getting better mid may, but it took a long flippin time for my rib to heal. In June I decided to get healthy. I've lost a chunk of weight and I'm feeling so much better! When you stop focusing on the number on the scale true transformation happens.


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